Saturday, June 1, 2013

Today has been a twister,

Broken Pipe in the kitchen, so all my babies had to stay in their room, they have a bigger room than us and its nicer!  6ft Tall cage just for their hammocks its never locked & the bottom is a huge padded bed w/ ramps to 5 levels + they have clear tunnel tubes around the entire room Panda likes to go through them upside down then they have a few hid a beds a big Cheese burger & a Green Alligator but they all usually sleep under a 1000lb 8ft old vintage wood dresser but Ferrets run @ 102 degree's so they have their own 5000btu A/C with a ceiling fan.

I've been busy all day but did get in time to make a pair of Egyptian or Bali Indian Style dangle earrings used Deep Green Swarovski Crystals with Bright Red on a Vintage Copper swirled design - wanting to make as much hand made stuff for the June 7th Show @ First Fridays - My hand made seems to go very quick it takes so much time there are 6 directly connected dangles on the earrings - hate cheep looking jump ring attached jewelry, no skill in that. Never can bring myself to use anything but Real gemstone beads - love Lapis Lazuli with lots of pyrite veins & the even man made Gold n Blue stone + Opalite they're made for gemstone junkies anyway - so they pass!

If any one see's this say Hi - If you say you seen my blog I'll ADD SOMETHING NICE 4 FREE - !

Come on into my shop & look around if you don't see what your looking for I promise its either not posted or I can make it for you!  I've been working on my collection of Gold & Sterling silver beads - its takes years to get all the right stuff to make great jewelry  - it does cost much more to make stuff when using precious metals but its life time jewelry & looks so awesome woven with nice beads!

Have a good one,